Dark Winter

Joe Biden slipped up when he mentioned the plan Dark Winter, as you can see they are now pushing their agenda, DARK WINTER, they are setting it up to convince the people that it is coming They know they are going to lose, if they were going to win the elections they wouldn’t need any […]

Escape from Paris: City is gridlocked as tens of thousands flee, stations are packed, violent protests break out and shelves are stripped ahead of month-long lockdown that BANS travel

Thousands of Parisians caused massive traffic jams as they tried to flee the French capital for the country Huge numbers of locals attempted a mass exodus in a bid to avoid the start of the second national lockdown Many were enjoying their final night of freedom in France ahead of new lockdown restrictions from Friday […]

The Great Reset

There is an urgent need for global stakeholders to cooperate in simultaneously managing the direct consequences of the COVID-19 crisis. To improve the state of the world, the World Economic Forum is starting The Great Reset initiative. Source: weforum.org