Watch The X22 Report News April 2, 2021

The [DS]/[CB] infrastructure plan is failing before it begins, people are beginning to realize that this is not about the infrastructure and more about payoffs, climate funding and taxes, everything the people do not want. Trumps economy has taken off since states and business opened. The [CB] now sees Crypto as a threat. The [DS]/MSM […]

4.2.21: The EXPOSURE of their EVIL is SICK! Big Month! Border. Election Integrity. PRAY!

Show Notes: Help Fight Child Trafficking Operation Underground Railroad Bodies under bridges GOP Rep. Greene introduces bill to cut Fauci’s $400,000 salary to zero until he is replaced Man busted for Midtown attack on Asian woman was on parole for killing his mom Delta CEO Ed Bastian Blasts Georgia Voting Legislation, Says ‘Right to Vote […]

X22Report News April 1, 2031

The patriots have now released the ultimate economic weapon on the [CB]/[DS], the people. As [JB] moves forward with the economic plan which includes high taxes, high energy, mileage tax and other things people are going to revolt. The new economic system is being built at the same time as the great reset, there is […]

Days After President Trump Asks “Where’s Durham?” CNN Releases Report from “People Familiar with the Probe” Stating Durham Is Back At It?

The Durham investigation was another Deep State head fake.   This ‘investigation’ was contrived by former AG Bill Barr to placate Americans sick and tired of criminals in the government getting away with literally everything.  But Americans learned shortly before the 2020 election that nothing was done, it was all a ruse.  Big Bad Bill Barr […]