The American People Versus the Democratic Machine

Quote: “This is not the method Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer are using. They are building a machine. In a machine, leadership introduces legislation (which only a handful of insiders have seen) and calls for a vote. There is no amendment process. There is no debate. You vote with the machine, or you […]

After Taking Shots At President Trump For Months, Doctor Fauci Pleads For His Help

During an interview on Sunday with Fox News host Chris Wallace, Doctor Anthony Fauci asked for former President Donald Trump’s help after spending months of bashing and slandering the former president. The comments came after Wallace played clips of four past presidents getting the vaccination. “Now, conspicuous by his absence in that public service announcement […]

The Rothschild Bloodline: One of the 13 Satanic Bloodlines that Rule the World

The concept of Illuminati bloodlines was popularized by Christian Illuminati researcher Fritz Springmeier in his book Bloodlines of the Illuminati. Springmeier utilizes the same elements common to all Illuminati conspiracies but adds his own spin: 13 generational Satanic bloodlines ruling all other elite groups and secret societies from the top of their pyramid of power. […]

Illegal Immigrant Children Detentions Quadruple to 3,200

Despite the Biden administration excoriating its predecessor’s border policies and refusing to declare an immigration “crisis,” more illegal immigrant children are being held in detention centers than ever before. More than 3,200 unaccompanied children are in Customs and Border Protection custody, a U.S. official told Reuters, including 2,600 who are awaiting a minors shelter that has […]

Badass Freshman Congresswoman Makes Powerful Video Slamming Democrat’s Wall Around DC: “Madame Speaker, Tear Down This Wall!” [VIDEO]

MUST WATCH: Republican Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert calls on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to “tear down” security fencing around the Capitol in a new ad. 100 Percent Fed Up – Miles of fencing was placed around the Capitol and thousands of National Guard troops were deployed to guard the surrounding area after the Jan. 6 riot, but now, lawmakers, D.C. residents, and the Capitol Police oversight board are […]

You Are FAKE NEWS: Cuomo Cooks Up Right-Wing ‘Markle Madness’ Obsession

With noticeably bloodshot eyes, CNN Prime Time host Chris “Fredo” Cuomo spent most of his A-block cooking up a fake news story about how everyone in the Republican Party was supposedly obsessed with former British royal Meghan Markle. According to his completely fabricated theory, the right was experiencing “Markle madness” because they hated minorities and wanted to take […]

The Real Experts

The vaccine rollout crawls forward. Most of us will spend weeks, or months, waiting. Great Britain did better. As of today, one-third of the English are already vaccinated, twice as many as in America. Why? A big reason is that our government decided to rigidly follow its regimen for the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines: two […]


When God writes that there is going to be a shaking, or when a prophet speaks of a shaking as the Prophets and Apostles and Jesus himself also warned, what part of that are people not understanding? Shake- Shaken – Shaking   (shāk)v.shook (sho͝ok), shak·en (shā′kən), shak·ing, To cause to move from  side to side or up and down with jerky movements: I shook the juice container. b. To cause to tremble, vibrate, or rock: The earthquake shook the ground. The wind shook the barley. c. To brandish or wave, especially in anger: shake one’s fist.2.a. To cause to lose stability or strength,  as of conviction: a crisis that has shaken my deepest beliefs.b. To disturb or agitate emotionally;  upset or unnerve: She was shaken by the news of the disaster.3.a. To remove or dislodge by  jerky movements: shook the dust from the cushions.b. To scatter or strew by jerky movements:  shook the salt on the popcorn.c. To get rid of or put an end to: could not shake the feeling that  things would not work out; wanted to shake his habit of snacking.d. To get away from (a pursuer):  couldn’t shake the man who was following us.e. To bring to a specified condition by or as if  by shaking: “It is not easy to shake one’s heart free of the impression”(John Middleton Murry). Games To rattle and mix (dice) before  casting.v.intr.1. To move from side to side or up and down in short, irregular,  often jerky movements: The trees shook in the wind.2. To move something vigorously up and down  or from side to side, as in mixing.3. To tremble, as from cold or in anger. […]


God is not mocked and He is shaking the world. So stand up and observe. Acknowlege the shaking and behold as he performs what is neccessary to be performed. As born-again believers in Christ, our hope is held in Christ’s blood shed on the cross in our place and God’s mercy and grace for all […]