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The original Patriot survival company. My Patriot Supply was founded by people with a passion for self-sufficiency and food independence. We not only understand the drive to practice emergency preparedness, we are active participants in the survivalist lifestyle.  We believe that true freedom comes from attaining a certain level of self-reliance. For emergencies and every day, the Alexapure Pro is our most powerful gravity-powered water filtration system. Reduces up to 99.9999% of 206 contaminants, targeting heavy metals, lead, fluoride, chlorine, viruses, bacteria, pesticides & pharmaceuticals.

All About C0v1d | The Truth Leaked ZoomCall shows Health Officials in North Carolina plot and scheme about how to inflate the COVID case numbers so they can increase public fear levels, and get more people to submit to the death-shot. MU = MADE UP VARIANT - THE CULT ARE TRYING TO FIND OUT WHO IS THE DUMBEST Karen Kingston says doctors are waking up and realizing they’ve been part of genocide... 🙏🙏🙏 Fox News reporting that BidAn told OSHA to start ‘hiding information from the public to promote the Covid vaccine.’ Programmed Graphene Oxide particles that jointogether & convert our cells into Spike Proteins...That...

Big P㏊r㎃ Is Hid㏌g The Cure From The World

They tried. They really did. They tried SO HARD. But the truth about Ivermectin got out anyway.  And now anybody who is looking can see it. As with the cheap and widely available drug hydroxychloroquine last year, this year the Great Reset Cabal’s present disinformation target is the drug Ivermectin. But this is like trying to close the barn door after the horse got out.  The literature and case examples of Ivermectin being effective as a COVID virus treatment have already been established and are readily available. When Ivermectin’s prophylactic properties against COVID infection began to emerge based on solid...

Presence of Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles

Share La Quinta Columna Has Made an Urgent Announcement, As Biostatistician Ricardo Delgado, Dr. José Luis Sevillano and The Team of Researchers and Professors with Whom They Have Been Conducting Their Research Have Confirmed the Presence of Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles in Vaccination Vials. -- It Has Also Been Found on The Swabs and On Face Masks. Graphene Oxide Is a Toxic Bioweapon, And the Real Cause of Covid-19 ❗ ALSO: 👇👇👇
Statement by POTUS 45

ICYMI: “Exclusive: Former U.K. Commander in Afghanistan Says Biden ‘Self-Inflicted’ Exit Worse than ‘Surprise’ 9/11 Attacks”

Over the past four years, Donald J. Trump's administration delivered for Americans of all backgrounds like never before. Save America is about building on those accomplishments! Source: ICYMI: “Exclusive: Former U.K. Commander in Afghanistan Says Biden ‘Self-Inflicted’ Exit Worse than ‘Surprise’ 9/11 Attacks”